SIMHE-Metropolia´s individual counselling

SIMHE-Metropolia Career Guidance: Information before the discussion

If you wish to sign up for SIMHE-Metropolia Career Guidance, please first book a SIMHE-Metropolia Career Guidance appointment via our Vihta booking system. It is not possible to sign up for career guidance by only filling in this Eventilla form. 

We are regularly opening new available slots in the beginning of each week (Monday-Tuesday) for all our services on our Vihta booking system. However, career guidance is a very popular service, so if you cannot find a suitable slot right now, please check again in the beginning of next week. In June and July, the number of available slots is unfortunately limited.

As soon as you have booked a SIMHE Career Guidance appointment on Vihta, please fill in this Eventilla form before your appointment. Your career coach will require this additional information for preparing for the career guidance discussion with you.

Our guidance languages are English and/or Finnish so please fill this form in English and/or Finnish. 

You can sign up for a SIMHE career guidance discussion, if you:

  • are an immigrant
  • currently live in Finland
  • have completed at least upper secondary education that gives you eligibility to apply for higher education, have studied in higher education, or have already completed a degree in higher education in Finland or abroad
  • Please note: If you are currently in integration training (kotoutumiskoulutus) or a degree student in Finnish Higher Education Institution (university or university of applied sciences), please contact your own education provider instead of us.

You can read more about our service on our webpage.

If you have any questions, please contact us via email simhe [a]

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