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Studia Hiilitalli

6.2.2024 14:00

Are you interested in current state of our climate and solutions to mitigate climate change? Welcome to Studia Hiilitalli to learn more about interdisciplinary solutions aimed at mitigating climate change and the future of sustainable development!

Studia Hiilitalli is a lecture and discussion series organized by Hiilitalli, aiming to create research-based understanding and conversations on various themes related to climate change mitigation and interdisciplinary sustainability. Each lecture session consists of a 15-minute lecture followed by a 15-minute discussion on three lecture sections, with lectures taking place on Tuesday afternoons throughout February and April.

Studia Hiilitalli is organized in collaboration with the Finnish Meteorological Institute and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. This climate change education series offers a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge, learn new information, receive the latest updates from participating research institutions and companies, engage in discussions with others interested in climate issues, and learn how to apply knowledge in practice.


Studia Hiilitalli Spring 2024 schedule and themes:

Ti 6.2.2024 Ilmastonmuutoksen luonnontieteelliset perusteet
Natalia Korhonen, Ilmatieteen laitos

Ti 13.2.2024 Ilmaston tulevaisuus I
Natalia Korhonen, Ilmatieteen laitos

Ti 27.2.2024 The Future of Climate II
Natalia Korhonen and Andrea Vajda​, The Finnish Meteorological Institute

Ti 2.4.2024 Hiililaskenta ja siihen liittyvä lainsäädäntö
Ari Rekonen, Carbonlink Oy

Ti 9.4. Degrowth-ajattelu ja uudet liiketoimintamahdollisuudet
Tomi Nyman, November Consulting Oy

Ti 16.4. Teknisiä ratkaisuja hiilensidontaan
Niko Heikkinen, VTT

Ti 23.4. Social sustainability and cultural wellbeing
Sanna Kivijärvi and Sunny Choi, CuWeRe

Hiilitalli is funded by EAKR through the Carbon Busters project. The aim in Carbon Busters is to solve sustainability challenges that SMEs face through innovation projects in collaboration with Metropolia UAS experts, students, and project partners (FMI and VTT).

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